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Subtraction By Addition: What Caused The…

How many times are we going to be fooled into clemency for Antonio Brown, before we have to realize that the shame is on us for doing so?

EEvery religious and moral guide on the face of this planet tells us, in some form or another, that “to err is human, to forgive divine.”

But while forgiveness may be divine, as a society, we have to acknowledge that it’s also not an unlimited resource. If a person keeps…

Through the early part of the 2021 NFL season, Arizona has emerged as one of the league’s most interesting teams.

While virtually no one forecasted that we’d be seeing such circumstances come the second weekend of October, none of us should be surprised that the Arizona Cardinals sit near the very top — if not on the very top — of most weekly NFL power rankings lists.

After all, you…

The Tennessee Titans’ new offensive coordinator is struggling with getting the team’s offense untracked — especially when compared to his predecessor.

One of the worst situations that any coach can find themselves in, is being “the man after THE MAN.” The instances in which the successor can come even close to filling the shoes of his or her predecessor is extremely rare.

Just think about it. Gene Bartow didn’t even last…

Win-Loss projections for all 32 teams, Playoff & Super Bowl favorites, end-of-season award-winners, and more.

With the advent of the 2021 NFL season upon us, allow me to begin the process of emptying my brain of the unhealthily-excessive volume of football pontifications that constantly buzz around in my brain, in the following format for your reading pleasure:

  • Super Bowl LVI Prediction
  • Over/Under Win Totals On…

The 4th-year player for the Miami Dolphins could build on his very productive 2020 season, in a (very) big way.

Since we’re coming of the recent summer Olympics in Tokyo just a handful of weeks ago, to borrow an Olympiad-based metaphor: the hypothetical “medal stand” for the title of the best player at the tight position in the NFL would almost certainly be comprised of Travis Kelce of the Kansas…

How does his off-the-charts talent translate for the purposes of the 2021 NFL season?

Before the inevitable onslaught of football fans from the southeastern portion of the United States over-react to the headline of this column and immediately descend into the comments section to inform me that “I’m nothing but a hater” and “I wouldn’t know anything since I never played professional football,” let…

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