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NFL Columns

The Winless Colts Can’t Even Win The Blame Game Anymore (2022)
Josh Allen Officially Hit The “God Mode” Difficulty Setting (2022)
Putting Trevor Lawrence Back Together Again (2022)
Detroit’s Top-Heavy 2022 NFL Draft Haul (2022)
The New York Jets Did All The Right Things In The 2022 NFL Draft (2022)
Are We Sure The Jaguars Took The Best Overall Player At #1? (2022)
The Eagles Were The Runaway Winners Of The 2022 NFL Draft (2022)
The 7-Point Stance: April 25th, 2022 (2022)
Antonio Brown Doesn’t Deserve Your Forgiveness Anymore (2022)
The Flight Of The Cardinals (2021)
The Unenviable Promotion Of Todd Downing (2021)
The Penultimate Act Of The Odell Beckham Jr. Show (2021)
2021 NFL Picks, Predictions, and Ponderings (2021)
Mike Gesicki Looks Ready To Become The NFL’s Next Elite Tight End (2021)
Be Careful When Drafting Kyle Pitts For Your Fantasy Football Team (2021)
A No-Frills 2021 NFL Mock Draft For Round 2 (2021)
2021 NFL Mock Draft v3.0 — The Final Edition (2021)
The Hotspot Pick In The NFL Draft Belongs To The Detroit Lions (2021)
The 2021 NFL Draft Actually “Begins” At Pick #4 (2021)
2021 NFL Mock Draft, version 2.0 (2021)
So, The Philadelphia Eagles Are Looking For A Quarterback. Again. (2021)
Super Bowl LV Preview: Rooting Against The GOAT (2021)
Nick Sirianni To The Philadelphia Eagles: A Surprising Yet Sound Hire (2021)
Will The Saints Go Marching Right Through The NFC Playoffs? (2021)
The Buffalo Bills Are the Best Team in the 2021 AFC Playoffs (2021)
Will The New York Jets (Finally) Rebuild Things The Right Way? (2021)
Subtraction By Addition: What Caused The Statistical Dip(s) From Mike Evans and Chris Godwin (2020)
Matt Nagy Sits on the Hottest of Hot Seats (2020)
Can Damien Harris Jumpstart A Stalled New England Patriots’ Offense? (2020)
The Detroit Lions Have a (Rapidly) Rising Star in D’Andre Swift (2020)
Davante Adams Is the Best Wide Receiver in the NFL (2020)
Chris Ballard’s Blueprint for an Elite Defense in Indianapolis (2020)
The Pittsburgh Steelers Are The AFC’s #1 Contender (2020)
Missing Purple People-Eating Persons Report (2020)
Whose Decision Was It To Make Tua Tagovailoa The Starting Quarterback In Miami? (2020)
The NFL’s Newest “Superfreak” Wide Receiver Is DK Metcalf (2020)
Myles Garrett Is Officially Unstoppable (2020)
Sean McVay’s Heat Check (2020)
5 Random Takeaways From Week 1 Of The 2020 NFL Season (2020)
Extreme Makeover: The Miami Dolphins Edition (2020)
The Jacksonville Jaguars Are a Case Study in Self-Destruction (2020)
The Fully Rebooted Cincinnati Bengals (2020)
Ranking The 32 Starting Quarterbacks Entering The 2020 NFL Season, Part 3 (2020)
Ranking The 32 Starting Quarterbacks Entering The 2020 NFL Season, Part 2 (2020)
Ranking The 32 Starting Quarterbacks Entering The 2020 NFL Season, Part 1 (2020)
Dan Quinn’s Best (But Last) Remaining Chance In Atlanta (2020)
The Tennessee Titans’ “Coordinator By Committee” Approach To Defense (2020)
The Philadelphia Eagles And Their Head-Scratching 2020 NFL Draft (2020)
A Quick & Simple 2nd Round Mock NFL Draft (2020)
My Final NFL Mock Draft Of 2020 (2020)
Get To Know The Top 50 Players In The 2020 NFL Draft (2020)
How David Tepper Is Running The Carolina Panthers’ Football Hedge Fund (2020)
Bill O’Brien Is Officially Houston’s Biggest Sports Villain (2020)
2020 Mock NFL Draft 2.0 — The “Fake News” Edition (2020)
The 12 Worst Head Coaches In NFL History (2020)
Let The Tua Tagovailoa Sweepstakes Begin (Again) (2020)
2020 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 — The “Laughably Pointless” Edition (2020)
Super Bowl LIV: Not Knowing Who’s “Supposed” To Win (2020)
NFL Conference Championship Weekend Preview & Picks (2020)
NFL Wild Card Weekend 2020 Preview (2020)
Adam Gase Is The Disaster That Keeps On Disastering (2019)
How DeVante Parker (Finally) Got His Groove Back (2019)
The Baltimore Ravens Are The AFC’s #1 Contender (2019)
Dalvin Cook: The NFL’s Most Underdiscussed Superstar (2019)
Predicting The NFC Playoff Teams At The Midseason Point (2019)
The Buffalo Bills Are (Finally) Worth Your Attention Again (2019)
Reviewing The First Few Chapters Of The Book of Kyler Murray (2019)
Mississippi Mustache: The Legend of Gardner Minshew II (2019)
The Easiest Upset Pick For Week 2 Of The NFL Season (2019)
The Philadelphia Eagles Are The NFC’S Best Team In 2019 (2019)
2019–2020 NFL Season Predictions, Picks, And Ponderings (2019)
Can the Cleveland Browns handle the offseason crown? (2019)
Can the Matt Lafleur & Aaron Rodgers relationship actually work? (2019)
Finally Mike Maccagnan Can Stop Fooling Us All (2019)
Final Wrap-Up After The 2019 NFL Draft (2019)
15 Instant Reactions To Day 1 Of The 2019 NFL Draft (2019)
Get To Know The Top 100 Players In The 2019 NFL Draft (2019)
2019 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 — The Final Projections (2019)
2019 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 (2019)
Is Kyler Murray Really Worth The #1 Pick In The 2019 NFL Draft? (2019)
Ranking The Top NFL Draft Quarterback Prospects Of The Last Decade (2019)
2019 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 — The ‘Absurdly Early’ Edition (2019)
Super Bowl LIII Preview: Everyone (Still) Hates The New England Patriots (2019)
Intriguing Quarterback Duels In The Divisional Playoff Round (2019)
Everything you Need to Know for a Potential Wacky Wildcard Weekend (2019)
Five Week 17 Games with Playoff Implications (2018)
NFL Picks of Teams Jockeying for Playoff Positioning in Week 16 (2018)
It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Playoff Football (2018)
Five of our Favorite NFL Games in Week 14 (2018)
The Sad Swansong Of Rob Gronkowski (2018)
Week 13 Marquee Matchups (2018)
Ranking 4 Potential NFL Head Coaching Job Openings (2018)
The Jacksonville Jaguars Have Gone From Championship Cusp To Organizational Collapse (2018)
Monday Night Football Has A Major Problem (2018)
Le’Veon Bell Went All-In, And Lost (2018)
The New England Patriots Are Still Good, But Not As Good As We Think (2018)
The 2019 NFL Draft Is More Loaded At Defensive Line Than You Think (2018)
Everybody Owes Steve Sarkisian an Apology (2018)
Everyone Needs To Stop Overlooking The Los Angeles Chargers (2018)
The Philadelphia Eagles Remain The NFC’s Darkhorse Contender (2018)
If The 2018 NFL Mid-Season Awards Were Will Ferrell Movie Quotes (2018)
Is a Los Angeles Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Inevitable? (2018)
DeAndre Hopkins Is Officially The Best Wide Receiver Alive (2018)
When The Rebuild Goes Wrong (2018)
The Next Chapter In The Book Of Brock (2018)
The New NFL Quarterbacks On The Block (2018)
The Philadelphia Eagles: In The Midst Of A Raging Super Bowl Hangover (2018)
2018 Week 6 Top NFL Picks (2018)
The 2018 Minnesota Vikings: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Backward (2018)
NFL Week 5 Picks (2018)
The Miami Dolphins Are Better Than You Think (2018)
Week 4 NFL Picks (2018)
Todd Monken, Head Swashbuckler (2018)
The Baker Mayfield Era Begins With A “W.” (2018)
Patrick Mahomes Is Off To A Monstrous Start In 2018 (2018)
Three Things We Learned In Week 2 of the 2018 NFL Season (2018)
NFL Week 2 Marquee Matchups (2018)
The Dallas Cowboys: All Hat, No Cattle (2018)
The Early Headliners For The 2019 NFL Draft (2018)
A (small) Step Back For Jacksonville’s Defense? (2018)
Myles Garrett Is Ready To Wreck The NFL (2018)
Favorites for the 2018–2019 NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year (2018)
The Baltimore Ravens’ 2018 “Identity Check” (2018)
Patrick Mahomes II: Small Town Hero To Big City Franchise Cornerstone (2018)
Final 2018 NFL Mock Draft and Top 175 Big Board (2018)
Saquon Barkley: The Ultimate Scouting Report (2018)
Everything You Need To Know About Minkah Fitzpatrick (2018)
2018 NFL Mock Draft, version 3.0: The Latest NFL Draft Rumors (2018)
The Winners & Losers Of NFL Free Agency 2018 (2018)
The New York Giants’ 2018 NFL Draft Dilemma (2018)
2018 NFL Mock Draft, version 2.0: 7 Mock Draft Day Trades (2018)
2018 NFL Draft Big Board, version 1.0: The Top 75 Players (2018)
2018 NFL Mock Draft ,version 1.0 — The “Football Withdrawal” Edition (2018)
Super Bowl LII Preview: Nobody Wins (2018)
So What’s Next For Nick Foles? (2018)
The AFC Championship Party Crashers (2018)
Did Detroit Hire “The Next Bill Belichick?” (2018)
Which Two Teams Will Play In Super Bowl LII? (2018)
Could Jon Gruden Be “Coming Home” To Cleveland? (2017)
Life After Carson Wentz (2017)
The NFC’s Birds Of Prey (2017)
Ranking all 32 Quarterbacks Of The 2017 NFL Season (2017)
For The Carolina Panthers, Winning Ugly Is Still Winning (2017)
Nobody Is Talking About The Tennessee Titans (2017)
Have the Kansas City Chiefs Regressed Back To The Mean? (2017)
The Rotten Apples Of New York
Is Russell Wilson The Best QB In The NFL Today? (2017)
Who Said Anything About Tanking? (2017)
Cleveland’s Ghosts Of Draftmas Past (2017)
Passing The Quarter Pole Of the 2017 NFL Season (2017)
The Best Running Backs In The NFL’s Modern Era (2017)
Week 2 Of The 2017 NFL Season: We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know (2017)
The Rookie Running Back Du Jour In Chicago (2017)
Are The Arizona Cardinals In Big Trouble? (2017)
The Chiefs And The Patriots Aren’t Who We Thought They’d Be (2017)
NFL Preview 2017: Picks, Predictions, and Projections For Every Team (2017)
An Early Look At The 2017–2018 NFL MVP Race (2017)
Top Picks For The 2017 NFL Defensive Rookie Of The Year (2017)
2017–2018 NFL Season Preview: AFC South (2017)
2017–2018 NFL Season Preview: AFC West (2017)
2017–2018 NFL Season Preview: AFC North (2017)
2017–2018 NFL Season Preview: NFC West (2017)
2017–2018 NFL Season Preview: NFC South (2017)
2017–2018 NFL Season Preview: NFC North (2017)
2017–2018 NFL Season Preview: NFC East (2017)
Top Picks For the 2017 NFL Defensive Rookie Of The Year (2017)
Can Anyone Stop The New England Patriots? (2017)
Which NFL Teams Won Free Agency? (2017)
A New Horse Plotting The Course (2017)
Final 2017 Mock NFL Draft and Top 250 Big Board (2017)
2017 NFL Draft: Top 150 Big Board, version 2.0 (2017)
2017 NFL Mock Draft, Version 2.0 — The “Five Weeks Away” Edition (2017)
NFL Layoffs To Playoffs (2017)
2017 NFL Draft: Top 100 Big Board, version 1.0 (2017)
Super Bowl LI Preview: Is History on New England’s Side? (2017)
The Biggest Upsets In Super Bowl History (2017)
Mock 2017 NFL Draft 1.0 — The “Way Too Early” Edition
NFL Divisional Playoffs 2017 Preview: Down Go The Heavyweights? (2017)
Wild Card Preview: Miami At Pittsburgh (2017)
Aaron Rodgers Steals The Show, Again (2017)
10 Thoughts Entering Week 17 Of The 2016 NFL Season (2016)
Greg Hardy Continues To Throw His Life Away (2016)
Is Colin Kaepernick Done In San Francisco? (2016)
Did The Vikings Give Up Too Much For Sam Bradford? (2016)
NFL Lines And Picks: Week 1, 2016 (2016)
NFL Picks, Predictions, And Projections For Every Team in 2016 (2016)
The 5 Most Interesting Teams In The NFL In 2016 (2016)
The Dallas Cowboys Will Be Just Fine Without Tony Romo (2016)
5 NFL Players That Are Kicking Ass In The Preseason (2016)
Three NFL Teams Set To Underperform in 2016 (2016)
The NFL’s “Independence Day Team,” Part 3: Special Teams and Coaching Staff (2016)
The NFL’s “Independence Day Team,” Part 2: Offense (2016)
The NFL’s “Independence Day Team,” Part 1: Defense (2016)
Final 2016 Mock Draft + Top 150 Big Board (2016)
2016 NFL Mock Draft (2016)
2016 NFL Mock Draft 2.0: Post Combine Edition (2016)
2016 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 (2016)
15 Thoughts For NFL Week 15 (2015)
14 Thoughts Entering NFL Week 14 (2015)
NFL Lines And Picks 2015, Week 13 (2015)
NFL Lines And Picks 2015, Week 8 (2015)
NFL Lines And Picks 2015, Week 7 (2015)
NFL Lines And Picks 2015, Week 6 (2015)
NFL Lines And Picks 2015, Week 4 (2015)
NFL Lines And Picks 2015, Week 3 (2015)
NFL Lines And Picks 2015, Week 2 (2015)
NFL Lines And Picks 2015, Week 1 (2015)
2015–2016 NFL Preview And Predictions (2015)
2015 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 And Top 150 Big Board (2015)
Seven Thoughts On The Eve Of The 2015 NFL Draft (2015)
2015 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 (2015)
NFL Mock Draft 2015 v1.0: Pre-Combine Edition (2015)
Super Bowl XLIX Preview: A Clash of Title Fighters (2015)
NFL Playoff Picks: The Championship Round (2014)
NFL Picks: The Wild Card Round (2014)
NFL Lines And Picks, Week 16 (2014)
NFL Lines And Picks, Week 15 (2014)
NFL Lines And Picks, Week 14 (2014)
NFL Lines And Winners For Week 12 (2014)
NFL Lines And Winners For Week 10 (2014)
NFL Lines And Winners For Week 8 (2014)
NFL Lines And Winners For Week 7 (2014)
NFL Lines And Winners For Week 6 (2014)
NFL Lines And Winners For Week 4 (2014)
NFL Lines And Winners For Week 3 (2014)
NFL Lines And Winners For Week 2 (2014)
Week 1 NFL Lines And Winners (2014)
NFL Preview And Predictions For 2014 (2014)
Playing The Odds: Who’s Going To Draft Johnny Manziel? (2014)
NFL Mock Draft 1.0, Pre-Combine Edition (2014)

Fantasy Football Columns

Week 12 Waiver Wire Pick-Ups (2018)
Wednesday Morning GM, Week 12: NFL Scoring Is On Fire (2018)
Fantasy Football Week 11 Best Starts (2018)
Fantasy Football: Wednesday Morning GM (2018)
NFL Week 10 Start ’Em And Sit ’Em (2018)
NFL Week 10 Waiver Wire Pickups (2018)
Midseason Fantasy Football Report Card (2018)
Hidden Gems For The Rest Of The 2018 NFL Season (2018)
NFL Week 9 Start ’Em And Sit ’em (2018)
NFL Week 9 Waiver Wire Pickups (2018)
How To Save Your Last Place Fantasy Football Team (2018)
NFL Week 8 Start ’Em and Sit ’Em (2018)
NFL Week 8 Waiver Wire Pickups (2018)
NFL Week 7 Start’ Em and Sit ’Em (2018)
NFL Week 7 Waiver Wire Pickups (2018)
NFL Week 6 Start ’Em and Sit ’Em (2018)
NFL Week 6 Waiver Wire Pickups (2018)
NFL Week 4 Start ’Em and Sit ’Em (2018)
Week 4 Fantasy Football Sleepers (2018)
NFL 2018 Week 4 — Start ’Em and Sit ’Em (2018)
Early Impact of Fantasy Football Running Backs (2018)
The Rookie QB Invasion (2018)
4 Under-The-Radar Fantasy Football Starts For Week 3 (2018)
Fantasy Football 2018 Week 1 — Hidden Gems (2018)
NFL Fantasy Primer: Top 20 Players You Shouldn’t Sleep On (2018)
32 Fascinating Fantasy Football Players For 2017, Part 2 (2017)
32 Fascinating Fantasy Football Players For 2017, Part 1 (2017)
The Top Fantasy Football Rookies For 2017 (2017)
32 Key Fantasy Football Players For 2016 (2016)
Fantasy Football: 5 NFL Rookies That Will Make An Impact In 2016 (2016)
5 Fantasy Football Players To Avoid in 2016 (2016)
3 Backup Running Backs That You Should Save A Bench Spot For (2016)
3 Tight Ends That Will Break Out This Season (2016)
NFL Fantasy Football: 3 Running Backs You Don’t Want To Draft (2016)
NFL Fantasy Football: 3 Quarterbacks You Don’t Want To Draft (2016)
10 Fantasy Football Sleepers For 2016 (2016)
An Early (mini-)Mock NFL Draft for 2015 (2014)
Fifty Fascinating Fantasy Football Facts For 2014 (2014)

College Football Columns

Will Mike Locksley Turn Maryland’s Recruiting Victories Into Actual On-Field Wins? (2020)
A Springtime Ranking Of The Top 25 College Football Teams For 2020 (2020)
Have The Oregon Ducks Become “The Team To Beat” In The Pac-12? (2019)
Ranking The Heisman Trophy Winners Of The Past 25 Years (2019)
What’s The Future of Jim Harbaugh And The University of Michigan? (2018)
So Who Gets The Last Spot In The College Football Playoffs? (2018)
Saluting The Servicemen For Their Success On The Gridiron (2018)
Washington State: The Overlooked Contender (2018)
The Truth Is: The Florida Gators are Only Luke Warm, Not Hot (2018)
It’s Official: The 2018 Crimson Tide Are Unstoppable At A Historic Level (2018)
Get Aboard The Trevor Lawrence Bandwagon, Before It’s All Filled Up (2018)
The Race For The Last Spot In College Football’s Final Four (2018)
Alabama and Clemson: It’s Like Déjà Vu All Over Again (2018)
Finally, Jim Harbaugh Has Turned Michigan Into A Contender (2018)
West Virginia Sits Atop The Big 12 Mountain (2018)
Are The Florida Gators Making A Break In The SEC East Race? (2018)
The Oklahoma Sooners Are Scoring Plenty, But Will They Still Come Up Short? (2018)
There’s No Place Or Justification For Jimbo Fisher’s Actions (2018)
Will Muschamp: ‘Don’t Blame Coaches If Players Die’ (2018)
College Football’s Top 5 Teams Entering 2018 (2018)
Alabama’s 5-Star QB Problem And Solution (2018)
The University of Tennessee’s “War Of The Boosters” (2017)
We Miss You, Tennessee (2017)
Butch’s Golden Parachute (2017)
Butch Jones’ Time In Knoxville Is Up (2017)
Who Are The Four Best Teams In College Football? (2017)
Ohio State Stumbles Early… Again (2017)
The Favorites To Win The 2017 College Football National Championship (2017)
Becca Longo Makes College Football History (2017)
Re-Evaluating College Football’s Targeting Rule (2017)
Will Lamar Jackson win the 2016 Heisman Trophy? (2016)
The Oklahoma Sooners’ road to the 2016 College Football Playoffs (2016)

NBA Columns

Kawhi Leonard To The Los Angeles Clippers: 8 Layers Of Fallout (2019)
A Kyrie Irving & Boston Celtics Divorce Would Be A Good Thing (2019)
The Best NBA Threesome That Never Was (2019)
Ranking Every #1 Overall Pick In The NBA Draft Since 2000 (2019)
March 2019 NBA Power Rankings (2019)
NBA All-Star Break Power Rankings (2019)
How The Dallas Mavericks’ Trade Today Changes the Western Conference Landscape Tomorrow (2019)
NBA Mid-Season Power Rankings (2019)
December 2018 NBA Power Rankings (2018)
Everyone Loves The Los Angeles Clippers (2018)
The Memphis Grizzlies Are Keeping It Old School (2018)
The New Orleans Pelicans Remain Stuck On The Cusp (2018)
At Least Right Now, More Isn’t Better For The Boston Celtics (2018)
Without LeBron, The Cleveland Cavaliers Are Far From Living Their Best Life (2018)
Denver’s Fast Start To The 2018–2019 NBA Season (2018)
The Houston Rockets Keep Piling Up Losses, In More Ways Than One (2018)
The Toronto Raptors: From Playoff Pretender to Legitimate Contender (2018)
Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Unstoppable Start To 2018 (2018)
First Official NBA Power Rankings — October 2018 (2018)
The Disaster That Was The 2015 NBA Draft Lottery (2018)
Looking Back At The NBA’s Summer Of Stupid In 2016 (2018)
This Summer’s Most Interesting NBA Team (2018)
NBA End Of Year Awards, 2017–2018 (2018)
There Is Nothing Magical About The Magic (2018)
Another Step In “The Process” For The 76ers (2018)
Midterm Report Cards For The 2017–2018 NBA Rookie Classes (2018)
Another Chapter In The NBA’s Best Rivalry (2018)
When Superteams Collide: the Golden State Warriors vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder (2017)
The Unicorns Of The 2015 NBA Draft (2017)
NBA Postseason Awards Predictions For The 2017–2018 Season (2017)
One Final Look At The Kyrie Irving Trade (2017)
Brandon Ingram: LA’s Unsung Star (2017)
4 Fascinating Options For A Kyrie Irving Trade (2017)
NBA Teams With The Biggest Offseason Headlines (2017)
Handing Out Grades For The 2017 NBA Draft (2017)
NBA Co-Mock Draft 2017: Day Before The Draft Projections (2017)
The New-Look San Antonio Spurs (2017)
A Feast For The Basketball Senses (2017)
The Celtics vs. The Beasts Of The East (2017)
Height Aint Nothing But A Number (2017)
The Minnesota Timberwolves Are At The (NBA Playoffs) Door (2016)
The Day The (Jazz) Music Stopped (2016)
3 Free Agent Signings That Changed The NBA (2016)
Musings On The Eastern Conference Playoff Race (2014)

NBA Draft Columns & Scouting Reports

2019 NBA Draft Scouting Report: De’Andre Hunter (2019)
2019 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Bol Bol (2019)
Scouting Report: Ja Morant, Murray State University
NBA Co-Mock Draft 2018: Day Before The Draft Projections (2018)
Scouting Report: Cam Reddish, Duke University (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Kevin Hervey (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Chandler Hutchison (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Donte DiVincenzo (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Elie Okobo (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Malik Newman (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Anfernee Simmons (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Caleb Martin (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Dzanan Musa (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Gary Trent Jr (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Aaron Holiday (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Jontay Porter (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Devonte’ Graham (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Keita Bates-Diop (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Khyri Thomas (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: DeAndre Ayton (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Luka Doncic (2018)
2018 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Trae Young (2018)
Džanan Musa: The 2018 NBA Draft’s “Other” Import (2018)
DeAndre Ayton: To Pick At #1, Or To Not? (2018)
Should Luka Doncic Be The #1 Pick In The NBA Draft? (2018)
2017 NBA Mock Draft (2017)

College Basketball Columns

Best NCAA Basketball Players Since 2000 (2019)
Zion Williamson: An Even-More-Unique Basketball Unicorn (2018)
College Basketball’s Most Interesting Man (2018)
Arizona’s “Other” College Basketball Team (2017)
Pirates Of The NCAA Tournament (2017)
New Conference, Same Shockers (2017)
And Then, There Were The Elite Eight (2017)
Everything You Need To Know About the 2017 NCAA Tournament (2017)
The New Wizards Of Westwood (2017)
The 2015 NCAA Tournament: Seven Thoughts On My Bracket (2015)
A Highly Casual Fan’s Guide To The Sweet 16 (2014)
My 10 Remarks On The 2014 NCAA Tournament (2014)

NHL Columns

Tampa Bay’s Lightning Fast Start To 2017 (2017)
Down Go The Chicago Blackhawks (2017)
Edmonton Returns To The Postseason (2017)
The Call Of The Wild (2017)

Washington, D.C. Sports

The Washington Wizards Made A Big Change, Yet Remain The Same (2020)
Podcast: The 2020 Washington Football Team Season Preview (2020)
The NFL Must Immediately Force Dan Snyder Out Of Ownership (2020)
The Miseducation of Dwayne Haskins (2019)
The Washington Wizards Are Off To A Wretched Start (2018)
Of Two Minds: Washington Redskins 2018 Season Preview & Predictions (2018)
The Caps Are The Champs, But Us Fans Are The Winners (2018)
Capital One Changes Their Logo In Support Of The Washington Capitals (2018)
Hello, Stanley: The Washington Capitals Are Eastern Conference Champions (2018)
One big step for the Washington Capitals, One giant win for Washington Capitals fans (2018)
Da’Ron Payne: A Good Decision, That Could Be A Great One (2018)
Predictably Irrational: The Redskins Road To the 2017 Playoffs (2017)
The Redskins Got Ran Over By The Wentz Wagon (2017)
How The Redskins Defense Got Its Swag Back (2017)
Why The Washington Nationals Need The #1 Seed In the NL Playoffs (2017)
Washington Redskins vs. Oakland Raiders Preview: A Very Good, But Very Beatable Opponent (2017)
Redskins vs. Eagles Recap: The Preseason Is Gone, But The Issues Aren’t. (2017)
Max Scherzer Is Now The Best Pitcher In Baseball (2017)
John Wall Re-Signs With The Washington Wizards (2017)
Being a D.C. Sports Fan is Cruel and Usual Punishment (2017)
Bring On “The Funeral Series” (2017)
Redskins Seven-Round Mock for the 2017 NFL Draft (2017)
The Almost-Failed Wizards-Bulls Running Diary (2017)
Will Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson leave the Redskins via Free Agency? (2017)
John Wall: Making Basketball Fun Again In DC (2017)
Time To Say Goodbye To Desean Jackson? (2016)
Addition By Subtraction: Joe Barry Must Go (2016)
Trent Williams: The Worst Loss At The Worst Time (2016)
The Redskins Running Game: A Perfect Storm Of Incompetence (2016)
Redskins vs. Steelers Preview: Kirk Cousins’ Opportunity To Rewrite History (2016)
Washington Redskins 2016 Game-By-Game Predictions (2016)
10 Can’t-Miss Games On The Washington Wizards 2016–2017 Schedule (2016)
Welcome to Washington, Josh Doctson (2016)
Redskins 2016–2017 Schedule Revealed: 10 Interesting Notes (2016)
Resigning Bradley Beal: a tough decision, but the right one (2016)
NHL Playoffs Preview: Time For The Caps To Flip The Switch (2016)
Byproducts Of The Washington Redskins Name Change Debate (2015)
False Pretenses Replaced With Brutal Truths (2015)
The First Meaningful Victory In Years (2015)
404 Quarterback Error: Cousins Hands Atlanta The Win (2015)
Final Redskins Seven Round 2015 Mock Draft (2015)
How The Wizards Won The North (2015)
Running Diary: Washington Wizards vs. Charlotte Hornets (2015)
Redskins Mock Draft Monday, 3/23/15 (2015)
Your 2015 Free Agency Primer For The Washington Redskins (2015)
The First Chapter Of RG3’s Swansong In DC (2015)
Pre-Combine Thoughts: The Redskins And The 2015 NFL Draft (2015)
Running Diary: Washington Wizards vs. Chicago Bulls (2015)
An Exercise In Futility (2014)
Five Thoughts On The Redskins 2014 Season, And Beyond (2014)
RG3: Being Shown The Door Out Of Washington (2014)
Let’s Face It: The RG3 Era Is Over (2014)
Total Organizational Failure (2014)
Redskins vs Vikings Breakdown: 7 Thoughts From The All 22 (2014)
Running Diary: The 2014 Washington Wizards Home Opener (2014)
Throwback Thursday: John Wall’s NBA Debut — A Running Diary (2014)
Spoiling The Cowboys Party (2014)
Hold Out RG3 Until After The Bye Week (2014)
A Blown Opportunity (2014)
Redskins vs. Seahawks Preview: The “Not To Do” List (2014)
Nowhere Close To A Good Football Team (2014)
Redskins vs. Giants: Just Beat These Inglorious Bastards (2014)
The Calm Before The Storm (2014)
It’s Like Déjà Vu, All Over Again (2014)
Ending Backwards, But Still Coming Forward (2014)
Game-By-Game Predictions Of The Redskins 2014 Schedule (2014)
Robert Griffin III vs. Kirk Cousins: The Grass Isn’t Always Greener (2014)
DeSean Jackson: Potentially Blowing Up On And Off The Field (2014)
There’s Nothing Worse Than Losing To The Dallas Cowboys (2013)
The Redskins vs. The Panthers preview: Numbers By The Dozen (2011)
Still Searching For The Answer at Quarterback (2011)
The Redskins vs. The Bills preview: Accepting Reality and Moving Forward (2011)

Other Sports

3 Solutions To Pay College Athletes (2019)
Inside the $1.5 Billion Deal Between ESPN and the UFC starting January 19th (2019)
Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor: The Biggest Fight In UFC History? (2018)
5 Reasons To Never Pay For Sports Picks (2018)
Mexico’s Preparation Off The Field Leads To Wins On It (2018)
The Biggest Enigma Of The 2018 World Cup (2018)
Will Germany Repeat As World Cup Champions?
Mikaela Mayer Is The New Prototype For Women’s Boxing (2018)
The Sleeping Giants Of The 2018 World Cup (2018)
Learn How To Become A High School Football Referee (2018)
Recruiting High School Football Players From Small Towns (2018)
The Rising Importance of Social Media In High School Football Recruiting (2018)
Oregon State Wins The College World Series (2018)
Corruption In The NCAA (2018)
Who’s The Favorite To Win the 2017 Masters? (2017)
One Last U.S. Open Title For Roger Federer? (2017)
The “Money Fights” Problem in MMA (2017)
The Rise And Fall Of The Indian Super League (2017)
Bill Simmons And The Death Of “Any Given Wednesday” (2016)
McGregor vs. Diaz: Let’s Make It A Threequel (2016)
Cunningham Makes It A Hat Trick In Singles (2005)

The SemiColumn

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Freelance Writing

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5 Things You MUST Have In Your House, If You Want Her To Sleep Over

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Video Games

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Review (2018)



Father. Husband. Indian American. Sports Junkie. Marketing Dude. Freelance Writer. Productivity Zealot. Enthusiastic Gourmand.

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Rajan Nanavati

Father. Husband. Indian American. Sports Junkie. Marketing Dude. Freelance Writer. Productivity Zealot. Enthusiastic Gourmand.