Is Emma Frost Joining The Marauders in Marvel Strike Force?

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) Semi-Weekly Dossier: July 8th, 2020

5 min readJul 8, 2020


The hivemind at FoxNext/Scopely recently tipped their hand at the latest set of new character set to be released into Marvel Strike Force this July, via this not-too-cryptic photo posted on their social media accounts:

But, for those who may not get the references:

  • The acorn at the top left of the image, just underneath the wave, is a reference to Squirrel Girl. We already know this Event campaign is taking place in the next week or two, and Squirrel Girl’s kit — and the fact that she’s going to be a member of a new “Young Avenger’s” team alongside Ms. Marvel, America Chavez, and the Miles Morales Spider-Man —has already been stated publicly. And yes, I also can’t believe they’re actually make her a real character in the game.
  • The monstrous, pointy-toed foot/paw prints are obviously an allusion to Beast, the esteemed X-Man and long-rumored character to be joining Marvel Strike Force. There was already artwork depicting Beast in the main load screen of MSF at various points, and his preliminary kit — though very much subject to change — has already been leaked via early datamines.
  • And finally, the diamond on the top middle-right of the image, also just underneath the wave, is clearly a reference to Emma Frost — the villain-turned-anti-hero who long battled (but also later joined and even lead) the X-Men.

For the purposes of this post, we’re (obviously) going to talk about Frost.

It’s almost universally believed that she will become the 5th character with the Marauder tag, rounding out said team alongside Mystique, Sabertooth, Stryfe, and Mister Sinister. Of course, hardcore comic book enthusiasts will point to the fact that Frost was never actually in the Marauders in the actual comics… and they’d be correct. But, it’s clear that FoxNext has taken some liberties with this team, considering Stryfe was never a member of the Marauders, either.



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