Baron Zemo Is A Dominating Addition To Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) Semi-Weekly Dossier: August 25th, 2020

6 min readAug 26, 2020


Let’s face it: if you’re a mid-game player of Marvel Strike Force (MSF), with someone with a total collection power (TCP) of under 6 to 7 million, dealing with the Red Skull-led Hydra team in Alliance War is a colossal pain in the ass.

The fact that when Red Skull is effectively invincible when paired with four Hydra minions, and he keeps bringing them back after they die while he’s charged (and he starts out each match with 8 charges) makes fighting against them nothing short of a grueling chore of endurance and sustainability.

But it’s not just Red Skull’s ability to bring the “Cut Off One Head; Two More Shall Take Its Place” mantra to life. His minion-based Hydra team keeps giving offensive bonuses (aka “buffs”) to each other, making them that much more stronger and pesky.

  • Red Skull gives “Speed Up” with this Special ability and “Offense Up” with his Ultimate ability
  • Hydra Armored Guard is the ‘tank’ of the team, forcing opponents to attack him with this “Taunt” mechanic, combined with the fact that he’ll clear multiple (if not all) negative effects on him, and even heal himself
  • Hydra Scientist gives “Deathproof” and “Deflect” to his most injured Hydra ally and heals him, and gets rid of stun on Red Skull in war.
  • Hydra Sniper provides 2 Offense Up buffs (to himself and a teammate)

So again: it’s not only the fact that they just won’t die, but also that they keep boosting each other’s speed and damage, so they not only take turns faster and more frequently than you, but they also hit harder than they usually would.

Again: what a royal pain in the ass. I’ve seen this team slaughter opposing teams that overpower them by 200k points, if not more.

I know that some MSF content creators say that Black Bolt and the InHumans, the Symbiotes, and/or Power Armor (with Ironheart) represent solid options for taking on this Hydra team, but none of them really represent a ‘silver- bullet’-type hard counter option when facing Skull and his team.



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